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  1. FieryImp
    I’m slaying on the Swamp plains, don’t know when da mobs be back again 🎶🎶
  2. RukiaKuchiki
  3. NewFairyyyrrr
    NewFairyyyrrr [ATA]Grant
    I need help to change my email from my game I don’t want my personal email linked to the game please can someone help ? Ty🙏
  4. Dmoney106
    The realm name from 112...SUCKS!
  5. Dmoney106
    This realm name for
  6. Teste987
  7. Blueyequeen
    Hello how can i recive a goblin corpse reward item to my account at kingdoms at war? Thanks for your answer
  8. Maddi_Matsu
    Sir, I have a prescription for this medicinal pizza
  9. Upgrading
    hailey • i'm on pimd more @Muschi
  10. Grrrumpy
    Can someone explain the free heals we have atm? And how do they work
  11. QueenNisha
    Hey hun will I be getting rewards and the rare dragon for playing ??? I haven't received anything yet ...
  12. Cjfya
  13. QueenNisha
    QueenNisha [ATA]Todd
    I used marceline and got a realm , why haven't I got the rewards yet ... Is there a certain lvl hall you have to be 1st before receiving them ?
  14. Red_Dwarf
    Always searching for realm limits
  15. Gin_N_Juice
  16. Gin_N_Juice
  17. WillieTheFlaccid
    WillieTheFlaccid [ATA]Grant
    Hi I’m from pimd and I want to link my account to my heck fire account is it automatic or do I have to do something to link it to get the pimd prizes from here
  18. Cliff000
    Cliff000 [ATA]Villanel
    I want my refund ,I'm going to keep asking you .im.not going to support or play a garbage game that promotes bulling.your help center is garbage.inwas pushed and pushed and bullied and sit on your lazy and do nothing.i want my refund.im not going to support a stupid app that wont even lete use it's full features
    .give me my money or I'm getting the police involved.
  19. Cliff000
    Cliff000 [ATA]Villanel
    I want my refund since you are covering up more bulling with more bullying I dont want to play a game who covers it up I want my refund. I want all of it back my friends are getting angrier by the minuet I'm going to stop then from reporting this site.either give me a second chance or will continue .I told them to stop and they are not stopping.give me my refund .
  20. Mirara
    Mirara Tiashue
    I want to connect my account here on heck fire but it only has email without password on PIMD please help me🥺
    1. Tiashue
      Im confused. The only way to get access to this forum is from clicking the in game forum button which redirects you here. Can you explain more?
      Sep 18, 2020