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  1. Thelma_Tuber40
  2. Novocaine
    🌬️ ᴛʀʏɪɴɢ ᴍʏ ʙᴇsᴛ. 🧿🤍
  3. BullyMaCHiNE
    BullyMaCHiNE [ATA]Todd
    Hey, I'd like transfered to a different realm please. I played years ago, and now I've falled hopelessly behind in this one, after returning.
    1. BullyMaCHiNE
      Dec 29, 2022
  4. Shay_Lynn
    Livin the life.
  5. The_Worst_Witch
    The_Worst_Witch [ATA]Grant
    Grant please help. I need to transfer realms and also need to retrieve another account.
  6. Diego91
  7. Skycladmaiden
    I'm my own curiosity
  8. Tinkerbell_
    please can someone help me here i changed my phone and i don't remember my password i need help to login please
    1. Blue077 likes this.
    2. Blue077
      Following. I also forgot my password.
      Aug 21, 2022
  9. Tinkerbell_
    Tinkerbell_ [ATA]Grant
    hello please can you help me i changed my phone and i don't remember my password do be able to login please help me out i need set up my game on my new phone thanks .
  10. IB4E
    IB4E Rickster61
    Watch ads not working help ticket said to uninstall and re download app to fix this did this didn’t help and now app closes when I send help ticket any other suggestions
  11. IB4E
    IB4E [ATA]Grant
    Was having issues not able to watch the ads in the store. So I cleared tech tree and cache then sent help ticket was told that if I shield my city then uninstall app then reinstall I did that still not working and app crashes when I try to send help ticket now
  12. Ramsom
    Ramsom Nooooo2222w
    Lost account is there anyway an ATA account can be detached from a fb account?
  13. Livingh2o1
    Looking for active members to join our clan in realm 132. Let me know if you need a clan to come to. We would love to have you in YSK.
  14. JunkIron327
    Who is Hoobert?
  15. StephFrappysGirl
    Trying to navigate the endless options of this game!!
  16. FaxWerl
    Are still in my in-box
  17. FaxWerl
    Please help me I have 1 tap buy on and spent 5 dollars on something I didn't want😩 I haven't even spent any of the gems they
  18. Edward_Nygma
    Edward_Nygma [ATA]Jordan
    Also not getting my points in the DDQ
  19. Edward_Nygma
    Edward_Nygma [ATA]Jordan
    Can you look into a help ticket that’s been open for over a months
  20. Hadi64