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  1. OiSqueak77
    Puttering around the backrooms..
  2. Thatiswatshesaid
    Changed my name now won’t let me back on
  3. Tigs
    Zeroing noobs
  4. old_man_shadow
    Just an old man
  5. Markandrew816666
    Markandrew816666 [ATA]Grant
    Hi ATA, I have accidentally deleted my app plus data. Account name markandrew81. Can you help get my account back please?
  6. LadyHawk
    LadyHawk Vera_Raisin35
    I can’t write in cc. I could til about a week ago. How do I fix it? I need it 🥲
  7. LuCkYmUnKy
    Cooler Then A Polar Bear Toenail
  8. FrapsQueenSteph
  9. Falalala_
    Please can someone help me here I changed my phone and I don't remember my password I need the help to log in please!!
  10. Thelma_Tuber40
  11. BullyMaCHiNE
    BullyMaCHiNE [ATA]Todd
    Hey, I'd like transfered to a different realm please. I played years ago, and now I've falled hopelessly behind in this one, after returning.
    1. BullyMaCHiNE
      Dec 29, 2022
  12. Shay_Lynn
    Livin the life.
  13. The_Worst_Witch
    The_Worst_Witch [ATA]Grant
    Grant please help. I need to transfer realms and also need to retrieve another account.
  14. Diego29
  15. Skycladmaiden
    I'm my own curiosity
  16. Falalala_
    please can someone help me here i changed my phone and i don't remember my password i need help to login please
    1. Blue077 likes this.
    2. Blue077
      Following. I also forgot my password.
      Aug 21, 2022
  17. Falalala_
    Falalala_ [ATA]Grant
    hello please can you help me i changed my phone and i don't remember my password do be able to login please help me out i need set up my game on my new phone thanks .
  18. IB4E
    IB4E Rickster61
    Watch ads not working help ticket said to uninstall and re download app to fix this did this didn’t help and now app closes when I send help ticket any other suggestions
  19. IB4E
    IB4E [ATA]Grant
    Was having issues not able to watch the ads in the store. So I cleared tech tree and cache then sent help ticket was told that if I shield my city then uninstall app then reinstall I did that still not working and app crashes when I try to send help ticket now
  20. Ramsom
    Ramsom Nooooo2222w
    Lost account is there anyway an ATA account can be detached from a fb account?