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Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Todd, May 3, 2024.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Realm Invasions are BACK!

    As we haven't run these in quite some time, we want to take it slow and will be pairing 2 realms together. Starting with Realm 10 and Realm 23, this will begin on May 9th at reset!

    Just another day for San Diego's #1 News team.

    For those that need a refresher!

    Introducing Invasions:

    Realm vs Realm PvP! No longer will your bloodlust and general desire to wreck up the place be constrained by mere proximity to the person you want to attack. During RvR, players will be able to hop to a partnered realm to cause some damage before heading home to gloat about their victories.

    Beware though! Others can come to your realm seeking vengeance and plunder too. It's time to get rowdy, so check out the details below for instructions and be ready for the first round of RvR!

    Getting started:

    On the event day at reset, realm invasions will be active for 24 hours. When an RvR event is active, head to the chest tab in the shop to find a special "Realm Invasion Chest". Invasion chests contain 5 Tokens to transfer to your paired realm (Rival Realm Transfer Token), and 5 tokens to transfer back home (Transfer Home Token). Your first chest is absolutely free and additional chests can be purchased for 1000 jewels per chest. Please keep in mind that all normal transfer rules apply, and you cannot transfer if you are the leader of a clan, have marches out, or a raid ongoing.

    (It is recommended that if ALL of your clan members are planning to participate in an invasion you prepare appropriately in order to ensure there is a clan to come home to. Possible solutions include taking turns, or designating a placeholder leader account.)

    Please note: If you transfer into either R10 or R23 after the realm invasion event has already begun, you will not be able to participate in the event.

    Scoring points:

    Regardless of whether you are invading an enemy kingdom or repelling invaders from your own, you can earn points toward Realm vs Realm quests.

    If you are on your home realm, you can earn points by attacking invading players. Coordinate with your clan and other members of your realm to push the invaders back and make them regret setting foot on your land.

    Invaders take on more risks and challenges (They do not have access to their home clan and will likely be spread out) but with that risk comes opportunity. Invaders earn points by attacking players from their rival realm, but also for PvE activities such as hitting monsters and gathering nodes. Sniping and node knocking are all fair game, so get in there and take theirs!

    Regardless of whether you are in your own realm or invading another, you will earn points towards your other quests normally.

    For example; your daily dragon quest and monster slaying will gain the benefit of monster kills, researching and building will still count towards might growth etc. (Daily clan contests will NOT progress if you have invaded however, as you will not be part of your home clan.)

    *Important note*

    Attacking players from your realm will NOT progress the quest, regardless of whether you are invading or being invaded. Work together for the glory of your home realm!


    Players must leave their clan when moving to the rival realm, but can form a clan once they arrive if they wish. Raids are available will not provide credit for any invasion activity, and will end automatically when the event expires if they are not complete.

    Bonus Prizes!

    In addition to the more traditional prizes earned through the event, you will be able to earn special "Medal of Honor" tokens! These RvR-specific tokens can be exchanged for a chest in the shop that contains all sorts of goodies, like a new, exclusive avatar!

    These tokens can be obtained via 3-star quest completion with additional opportunities to stock up via the leaderboard.

    And don't worry! If you don't get enough to open a chest this round, these tokens will carry forward towards future RvR events. This also means that if you still have some Tokens from previous RvRs, you can redeem those again now!


    Looking for the mushroom? Make sure to open those chests!
    Our Demigorgon visitor can only be obtained from the leaderboard though!​

    Homeward bound:

    You can return to your home realm at any time by activating your transfer home token. In addition, any player remaining on their rival's realm at the end of the event will automatically be sent home. Please be patient, as the time this requires will depend on how many accounts must be sent home. All items related to Invasions will remain in your inventory (except for realm transfer tokens), but will not be usable unless a later Realm vs Realm event is running at the time.

    We're very excited to offer you new and exciting ways to battle it out in Heckfire, and look forward to your thoughts and feedback!

    Calling your family after PvP-ing for the last 24 hours
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