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Announcement Introducing Woolliam!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Todd, Sep 2, 2021.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Beyond the well travelled lands of Heckfire lies a land untamed. While much of Heckfire might seem very hostile (because it is) it is nonetheless a land of plenty. Not so for these forbidden lands. Here, icy winds blast across the frozen tundra, sweeping through canyons of jagged, dagger sharp rock. Fire shoots from the earth, and the sky itself burns hauntingly in the dead of night. These are the frozen fringes of the world, and only the strongest survive here. Those few foolhardy souls that venture into the frostbitten wastes often report seeing the silhouettes of towering giants slowly shuffling across the permafrost, solemnly marching through the wind and snow. Amongst even these giants though, one stands apart. A hulking brute, covered in thick fur with great spearlike tusks erupting from its jutting maw. A beast of primordial savagery. A monster of legend. Tremble, ye mighty, and despair!

    Introducing Woolliam!

    Woolliam may initially seem terrifying, but beneath the razor sharp tusks and colossal size he is a sweet, sensitive helper who just wants the best things for you. Gentle and cuddly by nature, Woolliam is really just a nice boy who wants to help you out in any way he can. Whether it involves digging up resources with his mighty tusks, helping you finish your science fair project (that you left to the last minute again) or by squishing a camp of goblins into a thin green paste, Woolliam is there for you!

    Goblin Hunter - Bonus to attack against Goblin camps

    Let’s face it, goblins are a nuisance. They make a mess, scare the local dogs, and eat all the good cheese at the company picnic. Woolliam wants you to live your best life, and your best life involves a goblin free day when you go in the grasslands. Smoosh goblins faster with Woolliam!

    Grassland Gatherer - Bonus to Grasslands gathering speed

    Woolliam is used to living in the barren tundra, and knowing how to most efficiently find and extract needed resources can be the difference between life and extinction. Those same skills can now be put to use for you. Don’t just survive, thrive with your best buddy Woolliam!

    Helping Herd - Bonus to the value of incoming “Help” actions from clan members (see the bottom of the post for more information)

    In the frosted hellscape of Woolliam's home, no one can survive alone. You’ll get by with a little help from Woolliam, give high fives with some help from Woolliam! Why not try with the help from Woolliam?

    Part of the artifact series of uncommon dragons, Woolliam provides a very special sort of bonus as his tier and rank increase. Helping Herd works by making incoming help actions better. This means that every time a clan member taps the button to help you, that help gets a boost. Like any other dragon ability, this one can be improved through research, leading to even more free help speedups. As you improve your research and grow Woolliam, the power of this ability will go from a small bump to a huge boost. With the right research and improvements, Woolliam's ability can squeeze up to twelve hours of speedups out of clan help (nearly six times the current maximum)!
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    this game is made by Canadian s.. that act like how take your in silence you for other people's actions what a game

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