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Announcement Kingdom Skins+ 101

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Todd, Jul 3, 2024.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    What are Kingdom Skins+?
    Skins are a surefire way to look cooler while boosting your various stats/might. It is the aesthetic method in representing your biome 🌳🏜️🌊

    You can check out a friend or foe's equipped skin and the bonuses applied by tapping on their city in realm view!

    What skins are available?
    As of launch, there are a total 6 NEW Skins in-game with 4 Rarities (on top of the default skin)!

    Where do I get them?
    Skins can be earned from opening "Mirage Boxes" in the Market tab using Kingdom Skin Tokens.

    Kingdom Skin Tokens are earned by:

    • 3-starring the Daily Dragon Quests
    • 3-starring or placing in leaderboard of 2-star Mermolga or Hydra Raid Racer events
    • 3-starring or placing in a higher leaderboard position of KvK events
    • Placing in the leaderboard of Sepulcher Mulcher events
    How do I equip them?
    Tap on your City in realm view and select from the selection of Skins you have unlocked and tap "Equip"!


    How do I upgrade them?
    Skins are upgraded through the Skins menu by:
    1. Tap on your City in realm view.
    2. Tap Skins.
    3. Select the Skin you'd like to Upgrade.
    4. Tap Upgrade on that skin.
    5. Tap Use on the Duplicates of the same Rarity to add them to the upgrade.
    6. Once you've used the required amount, your Skin will upgrade!


    Be sure to upgrade your skins as it will boost their attributes!

    Extra skins of the same rarity can be dismantled to upgrade one of your skins!

    You cannot dismantle your last skin of a specific type.

    - Boosts to stats like Research/Construction Speed will not apply to Research/Construction that are currently underway.
    - Attribute bonuses are all Active, meaning they need to be equipped to work!
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