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Pet system or something

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by Splyt_, May 11, 2022.


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  1. Splyt_

    Splyt_ Citizen

    Oct 19, 2020
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    Adding pets into the game or something similar, they would work somewhat the same as idols but not quite. I'm thinking more actionable in regards to the pet doing the job rather than idols just boosting. So for example maybe one pet if you activate it with a new currency that could be however hard to acquire you get instant food, or maybe one that gives you instant troops of whatever tier, by how much depends on the level of pet. I'm thinking with passives too, but thats my idea behind it just real actionable rewards maybe even pvp ones too and pve ones that actually attack for you rather than troops. With the pvp ones I think it should cost a lot to use as there's no loss on the senders part but also not kill a lot. I think this is too much to add so I doubt it'll happen but I'm putting it up in hopes it does.

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