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Jan 17, 2018 at 11:38 AM
Aug 29, 2017
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A Thinking Ape

Staff Member A Thinking Ape
[ATA]Clarke was last seen:
Jan 17, 2018
    1. Derm
      Iā€™d like to recover my saved person
    2. Cliff000
      Give me my refund if you think you developers are going to get away with people bullying me and you banning me for no reason you are complete garbage.i want my money back .give me my money back.you break your own policy by letting toxic people others but when they bullied others they get a free pass.give me my.money back .
    3. Dumbledoore
      Why would you put an extra step when ur trying to get to clan chests, worst upgrade ever! Who was in charge of this mess?
      1. DeViLs_iLLeST
        I miss Clarke :(
        Jun 1, 2018
    4. Mushroom
      My clan leader (Username: Brottie, Realm: 23) is having issues making a purchase on his account. He has tried to send you a message and is receiving an error saying that your account is not receiving messages.
    5. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      My account was banned can you unban it please because it won't let me even start the app?
    6. MiniAlt
      Hi, how do I get into a private chat with one of the staff?
      1. Fear
        Contact them using the in-game support option.

        Open the following :

        In-Game Menu->Extras->Help->New Chat
        Jan 8, 2018
      2. MiniAlt
        Alright thanks. Waiting for a reply
        Jan 8, 2018
    7. MaxironiCheese
      Please can you tell me how to join a rally . I see the flag and click on it but then what?
      1. _WAR_
        It's easy, click on flag, then click on the user that trigger the rally , then locate the "Join" option.šŸ‘
        Have fun and enjoy
        Jan 11, 2018
    8. Boissss
      I got a new device and I lost my other save my name on it is bayonet and I don't want to start over again can u please help
      1. [ATA]Clarke
        Please create a temporary account and message us in game and we can help you recover your account.
        Jan 16, 2018
    9. Hermione
      Woohoo!!! Hiiii Clarke!!!!
      1. [ATA]Clarke likes this.
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