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Sep 5, 2019 at 11:46 PM
Aug 28, 2017
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A Thinking Ape, from ATA

A Thinking Ape
[ATA]Grant was last seen:
Sep 5, 2019
    1. WillieTheFlaccid
      Hi I’m from pimd and I want to link my account to my heck fire account is it automatic or do I have to do something to link it to get the pimd prizes from here
    2. ThatsANoFromMe
      Can I please have a reply to the ticket from the 14th? No reply in game, no email back.
    3. _Sno_
      I need help.... I placed a 24h shield last night at midnight... just went to game 45 mins ago shields down and I'm zeroed.... hhmmm my shields not due to go down till midnight...
      Who do I contact as thos is totally wrong....
    4. LGorrell
      I’m trying to get an alternate account reset. So I can get it started in a new realm. The problem is I can’t get off the “Join a Clan” prompt even when I touch the clan hall. I submitted a help ticket in game on my main account and was told the account that’s unable to do anything in game has to be the one to request to be reset.
    5. CuriousBeast
      To my knowledge, our clan does not have an ambassador. May I request that role? I fear we are missing important information. For example, I’ve heard from two sources that there was a change a few months ago about how titans spawn. However, through searches I cannot find any information to support that. Thank you for your help, Grant
    6. 7shades
      Can't access help. In game.
    7. 19Dima222
      Добавте Русский язык
    8. rottencorpse
      What is the actual dragon points per town hall? Everything I've seen isn't matching up...
    9. Hunloe
      Looking to see when we can expect the next Tooth and Scale or Maw and Claw event.
      1. Maude_Belcher likes this.
    10. Pigbenis80
      Can someone please fix ally hiring. Trying to hire an ally for any march longer than 3 seconds is useless. They get hired away almost immediately. How are they getting into my city to steal my allies, and how are they hiring my allies mid - march.
      1. rottencorpse likes this.
      2. DeathAndTaxes
        Buy more expensive one ! The cheap one get hired fast !
        Jan 11, 2019
      3. Lord_Of_Lords
        They don’t get it to your city and steal your ally. That’s not how it works. Anyone who is willing to spend the gold can buy any ally they want
        Apr 22, 2020
    11. Apollyan
      Trying to transfer realms but opening a ticket crashes my game. I've updated, and cleared the tech tree and the cache, still crashes. How can I go about a transfer
      1. FruitiFli likes this.
    12. Kinazu
      Grant i sent u a discord friend request i really need emergency help
    13. Kinazu
    14. spirou78
      Bonsoir tu a fait comment pour lavoirs
    15. CuriousBeast
      Heck-timer.tk server can’t be found anymore in Safari...

      Bookmark opened with all timer blocks black in color and each block said ERROR

      Closed it out, deleted bookmark and tried opening through google and discord link, but both said server cannot be found.

      Perhaps something has changed?
      1. Hermione
        Just fyi, the devs DID NOT make heck-timer, a regular player did. I'm assuming they forgot to pay the domain fees, or changed some code & messed it up. Either way, someone else cloned it & shared it:


        But do know that the devs DID NOT make this, & are in no way affiliated w/ it, & don't maintain it. If the player who did this doesn't maintain it, it'll most likely go down too.
        Oct 24, 2018
      2. Hermione
        tho they did say they had no intention of letting it die...but you know...things happen sometimes...
        Oct 24, 2018
        LittleVinny likes this.
    16. LincolnOn20s
      Whaaaat! Post pone on the merge? I thought the realm was gonna be lit when I got off work. And I used a 24hr shield because of it. This merge better be good fam
    17. igorek
    18. ARCHER00
      Kreede the leader of Dansk clan (DK0) in realm 27 abused me in mail. Please do something.
    19. Oogaboogahoonga
      Hi ATA, thanks for the game it’s great & lots of fun. How do I report dodgy to ATA? A player may have taken things a little too far in their self naming eh😒
    20. KillerDestroyer
      I want to transfer to the realm where my friend is at. Her name:Muzikk Her Clan:L1S
      Pls thanks 😌
      1. DeViLs_iLLeST
        Submit a help ticket in game they will transfer you if you meet the requirements for that realm. Be patient support is kinda busy so it make take a day or so
        May 22, 2018
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