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Buildings FaQ + Tips Guide

Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by Huhwhatwhat, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Huhwhatwhat

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    Aug 24, 2020
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    Buildings FaQ + Tips Guide

    How can I build faster?
    There are two ways to decrease construction time: ranking Captain Sparkles and researching Construction Hammer Upgrade in the City Growth tree.

    What buildings should I focus on?
    Truthfully, it depends on what you need at any given moment, but prioritizing your university and study constructions will aid you the most in saving speeds.

    How do I build more of a sub-building?
    You can unlock more buildings of a particular type by upgrading the corresponding master building, for example, University -> Study.

    How do I unlock the Idolith?
    The idolith unlocks at TH9 after you have slain the first Badlands Titan within your city.

    I don’t plan to upgrade to TH26 anytime soon. Should I spend my top-shelf stamps?
    You should buy blueprints beforehand just in case you decide to go up. Top shelf stamps are difficult to come by, so having them in case your plans change is a good

    • Know which town hall levels you should spend time at. These are typically at the top of the bracket in your realm.
    • You can destroy buildings level 15+ to make room for more buildings!
    • It is recommended to destroy buildings that don’t provide many benefits, such as a Farm or Quarry, but keep one in case you need it for future upgrades!
    • When upgrading your town hall, remember that your FFA target ranges will change.
    • In addition to giving you higher rally sizes, embassies also will provide you with additional ally slots!
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    Thats really helpful !! Thankyou for the tips 😄💯 can you add the max th lvl in the brackets ?
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