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Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by [ATA]Todd, Nov 26, 2020.

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Introducing our first new elemental ability: CURSE!
    We’ve detailed a bit about how the abilities work below.

    Curses! (And how to use them!)
    There’s nothing worse than a curse. You might grow chicken legs, you might have terrible luck forever, you might even develop a crush on Todd, truly a fate worse than death. Curse elemental Dragons gain a powerful boost to their attack as they inflict ill fortune and misery upon their victims!

    Foiled again! (Anti-curses and you)
    Getting cursed is for suckers. Show curse Dragons who the boss is by flexing your immunity to their shenanigans with your own curse resistant Dragons. Resistance helps to negate that big damage boost they’re so smug about.

    Neutral-ize your enemies!
    When in doubt, slug it out. Curses and resistances are all fine and dandy, but sometimes you just gotta rely on good old fashioned violence. Neutral Dragons don’t have tricks up their sleeves, just swole claws arms and gumption, I tell you what! Resist THAT!


    Q. So what does that mean?

    A. In general, curse Dragons will be stronger against neutral Dragons, while neutral Dragons will be stronger against curse resistant Dragons, who will in turn be stronger against curse Dragons. It’s almost like that classic game, you know the one! Stone, parchment, shears? Yeah, that sounds right. We expect this will shake up the existing meta and we are eager to hear your thoughts about this new system!

    Q. Is it only the new Epic Dragons that have curse powers?

    Nope! Several Dragons have already mastered the Curse powers and resistances!

    Q. Cool! Which ones get Curse powers?

    A. Captain Sparkles and Nosferatooth now have the Curse elemental power.

    Q. What about resistance?

    A. Recker & Bob and Stabigail have developed a resistance to curse powers.

    Q. How do I know if a Dragon has an elemental power such as Curse?

    A. If you head to the dragon spire and pull up the Dragon you want to check, their power will be just below the shards/ranking up button, so it's easy to check.

    Q. Do elements show up for wall Dragons?

    A. They do! The elements and resistances of wall dragons are listed across from troop power on the wall screen, and when selecting your Dragons their Curse power or resistance will be listed next to their power.

    Q. Will Curse or resistance show up on scout reports?

    A. Yes! If you successfully scout a rival castle, you will be able to see the elements of any wall Dragons.

    Q. Can I check if my dragons have curse powers when sending a march out?

    A. Yes you can! When forming your march, any dragons with an elemental ability will have a badge that indicates their element. Resistance will look like the element but with a small shield. You can also see what their elemental power or resistance is when selecting individual Dragons.

    Q. Will Curses show in a battle report?

    A. Yes! Both Curse and Curse Resistance show up on your battle reports. There is a badge next to elemental Dragons, while their respective strengths show up under your strength bonuses.
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    Sep 3, 2017
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    Dec 2, 2017
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    Oh so this means you have less defence against getting zero's but multiple different attacks, and then quitting.

    Great strategy.

    Oh right up there with Your dragons are getting stronger, only to nerf them instead!
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  5. AlmostKarma

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    Sep 29, 2017
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    isn’t it funny how nobody likes this? you’re right, it isn’t funny.
  6. DJ_GoldRock

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    Sep 6, 2019
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    You guys crack me up! I want new added! Not every week as many war games do, but every month as they have been doing because it Gets stale if same old same old! ! I get that most players on here have never played any other war games... I’ve played many, in every game,devs add new content To keep it fresh and exciting! you guys are ridiculous! Also I’m sorry.. I know pretty much everybody complaining are the players who don’t spend or spend very little, and that’s fine(I do wish that there was a way to maybe have a server that was geared towards free to play, but no game I know does that) but get over yourselves.. every damn mobile game.. to truly be competitive.. you got to spend or don’t play! Smh! And no I’m not a big spender, a med size spender who enjoys the simplicity of this game because it really is not that much to do compared to other war games! I suggest you players that have only played one war game(This game).. go out and play a few others so you can understand actually that the developers outside of that atrocious update they did 2 Septembers ago...the developers of this game? Have actually been pretty cool and not overly greedy, Like in other war games I’ve played! And I’m sorry I would love to see new research and T5’s added! And a dragon Colosseum event where you can constantly do 5 on 5 PVP battles like in lords mobile & win daily gold and or gems! Great job guys! Game is awesome! Oh and the nerf they did? Hmmmm I had over 50k in golden chow sent to me as did all players! And actually a lot of players in my clan, got way more than I did... so you can now choose who you really want to power up and get all that power back plus some! That’s a win! I’ve seen many games do a Nerf and never give you anything in return something to think about but unless you played other games you would not know that!
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  7. TwoApples

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    Sep 23, 2017
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    I’m confused what affect does neutral dragons actually have on curse resistant dragons? Does it lower their attack or something?

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