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Dragon FaQ Guide

Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by Huhwhatwhat, Jun 18, 2022.

  1. Huhwhatwhat

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    Aug 24, 2020
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    Dragon FaQ Guide

    Early Unlocking

    What do the different color stamps mean?
    Different color stamps correspond to the rarity of a dragon: Gold - Epic, Purple - Rare, Blue - Uncommon, and Green - Common.

    I can unlock my first rare dragon. Which dragon should I pick?
    You have three excellent options at this early stage: Captain Sparkles, Wrot, and Rekker & Bob. While the other dragons are great, they won’t provide you with the building, research, or troop training speed boost you get from the dragons above.

    I don’t see epic dragons in my market; what am I missing?
    You need to be TH15 to unlock the epic dragon market section.

    Which epic dragon should I unlock first?
    The best dragon to unlock first will be Gaia. The earth bonus will help you attack those pesky monsters in the realm, and the attack boost will aid you in realm domination! (This is my opinion)

    What are some ways I can earn stamps?
    Completing raids, finishing certain daily events which reward stamps, competing in meta, opening dragon chests, and the easiest purchasing them directly in the shop!

    Should I unlock all the dragons?
    That’s up to you! There are so many dragons in the game and many more to come, so make sure you choose which dragons will help you or fit your playstyle the best. For example, if gathering is the heart of your gameplay and you’re a pacifist maybe you won’t make your Waffles strong, but opt for a strong Hoobert.


    What do Curse and Earth mean?
    These are bonuses attached to the dragon that will aid you while hitting monsters and other players! Note that players can make use of curse resistance and earth resistance dragons or booties in order to counter this bonus. PRO TIP: Having strong curse/earth dragons will help your PvE hits immensely compared to non-bonus and resist dragons.

    Who are the PvP Dragons?
    Quartz, Salty, Yrrrk, Bonesy, Bubbles, Mothuselah, Captain Sparkles, Wrot, Rekker & Bob, Waffles, Petra, Snowball, Gaia, Staxx, Lady Smolderhorn, Hoobert, Felix, and Stormface

    Who are the PvP(Lethal) Dragons?
    Waffles, Petra, Snowball, Gaia, Staxx, Lady Smolderhorn, Hoobert, and Felix

    Who are the PvE(Non-Raid) Dragons?
    Ruby, Bovis, Chomper, Bertha, Frank, Migo, Woolliam, Thornton, Dart, Captain Sparkles, Wrot, Rekker & Bob, Chip Crack Crunch, Stabigail, Nosferatooth, Diamond, Petra, Gaia, Marshall, Lulu

    Who are the Gathering(Non-Raid) Dragons?
    Ruby, Bovis, Chomper, Bertha, Frank, Migo, Woolliam, Thornton, Dart, Chip Crack Crunch, Stabigail, Nosferatooth, Lulu, Hoobert, and Felix

    Who are the Raid Dragons?
    Maya, Surge, Annelida, Smaak, Gourdon, Riptide, Flurri, and Lady Smolderhorn

    What is lethality?
    Lethality is an ability, titled Executioner, that will kill a percentage of the injured players troops instead of sending them to the hospital.

    How do I dodge lethality with my dragon ability?
    Making use of dragon rivalries will allow you to dodge the lethality of an incoming attack. The evader ability will apple to your city regardless if the specific evader is on your defending wall. The dragon rivalries introduced are: Petra vs. Snowball, Gaia vs. Staxx, and Waffles vs. Lady Smolderhorn.

    Getting Stronger

    Why are people telling me to have a Rank 20 Chip Crack Crunch, Captain Sparkles, Wrot, and Rekker & Bob?

    All four of these dragons have a timer reduction ability which will save you many speeds in the long run. In addition, rank 20 provides a massive boost to this ability.
    EXTRA: Most dragons have a major ability boost at Rank 20!

    How do I make my dragons stronger other than leveling, tiering, ranking, and using booty?
    Research! If you go to the Grassland Grit, Badlands, and Swamp Sorcery trees you will find research for Biome Dragon Attack Boost and Biome Dragon Ability Boost depending on which tree you’re in. Additionally, you can find the same research for the Wild, Raider, and Lava dragons in Dragon Discipline.

    My dragon can’t level up anymore, what happened?
    The maximum level for all dragons in the game is level 150. The level cap for your dragons before any research is level 99, but sometimes it’ll stop even earlier at level 49. This is due to your dragons tier being too low so make sure to raise your tiers consistently!

    How many stamps does it take to fully max a dragon’s rank?
    A small amount of 249,450… get to work!
  2. Tiashue


    Aug 31, 2017
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    Nice guide! As someone who hasn’t played in 3.5 years and just lurks nowadays it was interesting read through your explanations.
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  3. DocNobody

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    Mar 13, 2023
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    Would be nice to have a guide to explain each of the dragons abilities.
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  4. Vera_Raisin35

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    May 8, 2023
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