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Event Free Dragon! Which Will You Choose!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Todd, Jul 4, 2023.

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  1. [ATA]Todd

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Spread the Word: Tell your fellow adventurers, clan mates, and friends about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to win a faithful dragon companion! Share this announcement far and wide to ensure that everyone is prepared to embark on this extraordinary event.

    Join us at "Rally Behind Your Dragon" and become a legend in your own right! ⚔️

    May the watery breath of Lulu and the ice of Diamond guide your path to victory! Good luck to all who dare to face the challenge!

    What to do:
    • In the Story Quest section players are given a choice of one of two dragons they want to support: Lulu or Diamond. *** The dragon Story Quest you select is the dragon you will be supporting and the dragon competition you will be doing. ***

      THIS CAN NOT BE CHANGED. Talk to your clan first BEFORE CHOOSING A STORY QUEST. It's best to all be on the same dragon Story Quest.

      Slay regular monsters and Titans WITH the dragon you've chosen (Lulu or Diamond) to earn points for your clan. All regular PvE targets (Monsters and Titans) killed by a clan mate using one of the two dragons will earn you rewards for your clan. If they choose a different dragon those points go towards that dragon's side.
    • At the end of the two week event, the leaderboards for all Rally Behind Your Dragon events will be tallied and the dragon with the most points will be crowned the winner - and a special avatar of that dragon will be available for a limited amount of time to the winning side!
    • Choosing a side also gives you access to certain special stamps, high tier Relics, Chow, Brew and Raid Brew and local store options that gives you points in the event. CHOOSE WISELY - You can only unlock one of the two and there is NO WAY TO CHANGE YOUR MIND.
    • Once your choice is made, you’ll start to earn stamps that can be used to unlock/upgrade either Lulu or Diamond, plus you can earn more of these stamps by competing in the clan event Rally Behind Lulu/Diamond - plus get access to even more through special limited time offers!
    What if I already have both Dragons:
    • You can use your stamps to upgrade your dragon of choice!
    • Both Lulu and Diamond are both maxed? You can use your stamps to unlock brew, raid brew, chow and high tier relics you can use on other dragons!
    Competition Date: Rally Behind Your Dragon starts Thursday, July 13th at reset and runs until Thursday, July 27th.

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