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How To Be A Noob!

Discussion in 'Off-Topic Discussion' started by Where, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Where

    Where Citizen

    Nov 25, 2017
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    Hello my little peasants. It’s the one and only 420 blazing, toy maestro, and booty shaking man Toys.

    Yes, that introduction was necessary so you can fully embrace the concept of what we are trying to acquire here.

    AND YES you must reply.. at least say 420 Blaze It in the comments.

    So, you want to be a noob?
    Of course you do! That’s why you are here. Who else to look towards than the man, the myth, the legend? Well probably someone who’s qualified to do this thread but I’m bored and as usual (420 Blaze It, shout out to Rubber Ducky... ILY).

    STEP 1: EMBRACE Your Inner Noob

    So this probably the easiest step. You have to embrace the noob inside of you. We all have it. Like say one day you’re sitting down and your boss is like, “Yo, Toys, stop that clout.” And as a seller of herbs in Colorado I should know what that means. However, I don’t. Normally I’d be like “Yeah man 420” and google it when he leaves. But now, as a noob I must embrace it and say, “WHAT IS CLOUT MY GOOD SIR?”


    STEP 2: LOVE Your Inner Noob

    Now I know this is really hard. Nobody likes being an idiot (which is what you’ll be once you become noob). Just like in real life you must love yourself and your pure idiocy.


    STEP 3: UNLEASH Your Inner Noob

    The best part of being noob is unleashing it on helpless, normal people. It’s great to see them be so frustrated over your lack of common sense! Hell even if you aren’t a noob you can always pretend to be one because it’s the best!

    Oh and I forgot to tell you. The best short cut to being noob is simply saying something about 420 and Blaze It in every post you post!

    Ily you all!

    420 Blaze It

  2. IlIlAliciaIlIl

    IlIlAliciaIlIl New Citizen

    Dec 5, 2017
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  3. Hermione


    Sep 1, 2017
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    Erm... I do like trolling trolls sometimes... but I don't think a date has anything to do with being a noob... unless you mean they're so messed up from what they used that it messed up their brain cells causing them to lack common sense... ok... it makes sense now that I think of it that way. ;)

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