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Idols Update Logs

Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by [ATA]Todd, Sep 17, 2020.

  1. [ATA]Todd

    Staff Member A Thinking Ape

    Aug 28, 2017
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    Dear Citizens of Heckfire,

    Below is a list of changes you can expect to see with the Idols update:

    - “Attack Power” has been rebranded and will now be known as Tactics
    - There are 3 types of tactics:
    - Tactics
    - Tactics Bonuses
    - Tactics Tweaks
    - Bonuses multiply on top of regular tactics, and tweaks are added at the end

    - All old idols have been removed from the game
    - Idol Baubles now drop from various PvE and Raid sources
    - Idol Energizers now drop from Titans and Raid sources
    - All other idol materials have been removed
    - If you had these materials, they have been converted to new materials that are usable, these will be discussed further below
    - There are 14 new idols
    - 6 Raid Idols
    - 8 PvP Idols
    - Idols now have a rarity between common and epic, although different rarity idols could exist in the future as well
    - The Class system has been renamed to Rank
    - This system now has passive abilities which increase in stats as the rank increases
    - The Aura system cannot exceed the level of the Rank system
    - The Level system has been renamed to Aura
    - Players can level up their aura by adding mana to their idol
    - The type of mana is dictated by the rarity of the idol
    - Aura levels increase the strength of the active ability
    - The level is shown by a flame next to the idol
    - When the idol finishes its activation, the Aura will reset back to level 1
    - Idols cannot be unequipped while activated
    - The mana system has been changed slightly
    - Mana will no longer exist in token form
    - It will be directly added to your mana pool
    - The rarities of mana are common, uncommon, rare, and epic
    - Old mana will be converted into new mana

    - Due to a bug with raid march speed benefitting from non-raid march speed research, we have changed how raid march speed works.
    - Raid march speed will now be the base movement speed
    - Some of the raid idols can boost raid march speed

    - A new chest will appear in the chest daily, with the first purchase of the day being 50% off
    - This chest contains idol materials and mana
    - It is purchasable for jewels
    - A series of mana will also appear and is for sale for certain upgrade pieces, so you’ll always have a use for upgrade pieces

    - The Battle Preview Dialog has been modified to include an Idols % boost
    - The Battle Report Dialog has been modified to show an Idols % boost, plus display the idols used during the battle
    - Scout Reports have been modified to show players the type, rank, and state of an idol
    - This means that players will not see the aura level of an idol

    The number at the top of the battle report is now an estimation, as it does not factor in idol strength
    - City Timer Menu
    - Idols have been added to badge in the City Timer Menu
    - Badging will show for idols that can be crafted, or have their aura or rank leveled up

    - Idolith Updates:
    - The Idolith now goes up to level 27
    - A 3rd Idol Slot can now be unlocked from upgrading the Idolith

    - Idol Competition
    - A new hourly competition will enter the rotation
    - Scoring will be done by crafting, upgrading the rank, leveling up the aura, or activating the aura of idols

    - Mana (1:1 ratio):
    - Biome Mana will be converted to Common Mana
    - Boss Mana will be converted to Uncommon Mana
    - Idol Pieces (1:1 ratio):
    - Glyph Molds will be converted to Common Glyph Molds
    - Raid Glyphs will be converted to Common Raid Glyphs
    - Mermolga's Misfortune Fragment will be converted to Uncommon Raid Glyphs
    - Vexed Hydra Hacker Fragment will be converted to Uncommon Raid Glyphs
    - Craggy Hydra Hacker Fragment will be converted to Uncommon Raid Glyphs
    - Noxious Hydra Hacker Fragment will be converted to Uncommon Raid Glyphs
    - All other active idol pieces will be converted to Common Raid Glyphs
    - Note that up to 2400 Common Raid Glyphs will be converted to Uncommon Raid Glyphs starting on September 18th at 12:00 PM PST

    Good luck and happy slaying,

    - The Heckfire team
  2. Packlad

    Packlad New Citizen

    Jan 1, 2018
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    Wow, that really cleared everything up. 🤦🏻‍♂️
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  3. Reselcrinklebaum

    Jan 22, 2018
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    What’s the new hourly quest order?
  4. SheStill420

    SheStill420 New Citizen

    Sep 13, 2020
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  5. Scarne1

    Scarne1 New Citizen

    Sep 14, 2020
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    If I ‘rank up’ my idol, and then ‘amplify’ the aura to lvl 5, then I activate it, my aura will drop down to lvl 1, correct? Does my rank drop down too? Or does it stay at level 5, just waiting for me to ‘amplify’ my aura again?

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