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Announcement Introducing Annelida

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by [ATA]Todd, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    One might imagine the swamplands of Heckfire to be a horrible place, full of deadly predators, buzzing insects, and that one outhouse that everyone agreed to just board up and never speak of again after “the incident”. This is a correct assessment of course, and while we would strongly recommend keeping a safe distance from the forbidden privy, some parts of the swamp are actually quite beautiful. Hidden among the aforementioned hazards is a lush land full of fireflies, rare flowers and if you listen carefully, beautiful music. Those who follow this siren song would do well to exercise caution though, for as beautiful as it is, those who stumble upon it will quickly discover the source to be ancient and terrible to behold. But most of all, it is hungry.

    Introducing Annelida!

    Crawling up from the depths of the swamp, Annelida inspires fear and revulsion in those who gaze upon them. Despite their fearsome appearance, Annelida is a lover, not a fighter. In that they love blood. They really REALLY love blood. Fresh blood, straight from the source. Which, incidentally, they will absolutely fight you for. If you’re a fan of your blood remaining right where it is, we instead recommend loosing Annelida upon the monsters of the realm, where their talents can be put to use by shredding your enemies in a toothy tornado, neatly separating their dinner of blood from the pulp (see: Shattered remains) of anything and anyone foolish enough to get in their way, all while singing in a soothing Baritone. Enjoy Dinner and a show today with Annelida!

    Swamp Raid Hunter - Bonus to attacking swamp raid minions, titans and bosses

    Possessing roughly the same overall disposition as a woodchipper strapped to a runaway mine cart, Annelida doesn’t so much chew through raid monsters as they swallow them whole and let their horrifying teeth figure the rest out. Try not to think too hard about the screaming though. Maybe get some earplugs.

    Swamp Raid Node Gatherer - Bonus to gathering swamp raid nodes

    Annelida is endlessly hungry, but they also have pretty awful eyesight. Turn this to your advantage by pointing them in the right direction and putting their rows upon rows of razor sharp teeth to work grinding up raid nodes and spitting out their prizes. We recommend making Todd dig through it for you, or wear very thick gloves. It went through a tooth monster, it’s not gonna be pretty.

    Raid Determination - Bonus to dragon EXP from raids

    Annelida sings a truly beautiful song as they mangle raid monsters, and enterprising bards have learned to adapt lyrics to it to inspire other dragons with their tales. What Rhymes with “horrible massacre”? Bonus Experience, that’s what! Inspire your Dragons through song with Annelida!

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    Not worthy of "rare" rating.
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