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Event Lava Showdown!

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Todd, Apr 16, 2024.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Greetings Citizens!

    📆 Scratch these important dates on your calendars: Lava Showdown! Begins on April 18th and runs until April 25th at 2pm PT 📆

    Get the clowder together! For this once in a lifetime battle between Empurress' Vassals
    and Cheese's Brigands!


    • Discuss with your clan which of the Lava Cat Dragons all of you will be supporting. You will only have access to the Clan Quest for the Dragon you chose, so if you choose Empuress and the rest of your clan chooses Cheese, its going to be a lot harder for you to do the Clan Quest portion!
    • At the beginning of this one week competition, go to the Story Quest section of the game and select either Empurress Fluffington OR Cheese via the event story quest.
    • Points are gained for the side you chose by collecting tokens (Vassal tokens for Empurress, Brigand Tokens for Cheese).​
    • Participate in meta events to get these tokens. Additional tokens are awarded via leaderboard placement for the meta event. Yes, you can get BOTH Vassal and Brigand Tokens, however, your tokens will only be counted towards the progress for the side you chose.​
    • Daily competitions related to the lava cats will also have token rewards.
    • There will also be a small section in the In App Store where players can use stamps earned from the competition to help power-up the cat dragons. Unused stamps will be removed at the end of the competition.​
    • STAY WITH YOUR CLAN!!!! DO NOT LEAVE PRE-MATURELY. This is a clan oriented event where the overarching clan competitions lasts an extra day and one hour than the actual competition. This is to allow players to collect leaderboard rewards from the last day's events. So make sure you don't leave your winning clan pre-maturely. DO NOT LEAVE PRE-MATURELY. WE CAN'T GIVE REWARDS TO PLAYERS THAT LEAVE PRE-MATURELY. NADA.
    • Winning clans get rewards (read the Rewards section below). No compensation will be given to players that leave a winning clan pre-maturely.

    The winning Lava Cat dragon will have a customized special IAP bundle made available in the Store. This will appear some time after the competition ends.

    ALL participants will receive an avatar of the winning dragon regardless of the team chosen.​
    • i.e. If Empurress wins, EVERYONE that participated will get an Empurress Avatar, regardless if they chose to support Cheese.​
    A slightly different avatar of the winning dragon will be issued to players that are in the winning clans that chose the winning dragon AND are in 1st (FIRST) place at the time the competition ends. SO DO NOT LEAVE A WINNING CLAN PRE-MATURELY. WE CAN'T GIVE REWARDS TO PLAYERS THAT LEAVE PRE-MATURELY.
    • IE. If Empurress wins, players that were in the clans that earn 1st (FIRST) place in Empurress' competition earns that avatar.​

    With furry anticipation,
    - The Heckfire Team 🙀
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  2. Bookwars

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    May 26, 2021
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    How do you get Vassal tokens?

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