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New Raid! Mermolga's Madness!

Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by [ATA]Todd, Sep 16, 2021.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Raid update!

    Introducing our newest, most challenging raid yet! Mermolga is mad as heck and she isn't going to take it anymore! No longer content to simply rise from the depths and crash in the realm, Mermolga now desires the destruction of all surface life. Can you survive Mermolga's Madness? Weighing in at four blue stars, this viciously challenging raid is by far the most difficult one available, appropriate only for the most seasoned mer-murderers, crab-crushers and clammando-killers. Taking on a threat like this will take brains as well as brawn, so be sure your research is up to snuff and your tactics are turned up to 11.

    Why would anyone want to face off against this most monstrous of beasts you ask? Why treasure, of course! Those brave souls who swallow their fear long enough to slaughter this sea witch will be rewarded with piles of precious prizes! Rewards have been tuned to reflect the challenge of this most difficult raid, and relics up to level 7(!!!) have a chance to drop on every hit you make against any clammando, crab, or Mermolga herself! So sharpen those swords and get the crab crackers ready, it's time to level up your plunderin' with MERMOLGA'S MADNESS!

    In addition to this new raid, we have made some balance changes to raids in general.

    New research!

    Expand your repertoire of raid readiness and get ready to rumble with expanded raid research available in the raid tactics tree:

    Attacking raid monsters extended to level 15
    Gathering raid nodes extended to level 15
    Attacking raid titans extended to level 13
    Boss hunting extended to level 9

    What's that you say? That's higher than you need even for the nightmarish difficulty of Mermolga's Madness? I wonder why that might be ;)

    Dragon Booty update: Mermolga raids now drop Seismic, Rockhead, Divine, and Unholy Dragon Booty from the end of raid chest, as opposed to Onslaught and Resolute. Onslaught and Resolute booty will instead be available from Hydraphobia.

    Raid Cooldowns: You wanted to raid more, and we've been listening. We've reduced the cooldown of raids from 2 hours (boo) to just 1 hour (YAY!) so that you can raid more and wait less.

    We are excited to bring you more intense raiding experiences and look forward to hearing your thoughts as we continue to deliver new content.
    Good luck and happy slaying!

    -The Heckfire Team
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