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Realm Maturity Arrives!

Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by [ATA]Todd, Sep 30, 2021.

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    Greetings citizens of Heckfire!

    Through arcane communications with a mysterious cabal of wizards known only as the “Elder Ones” (We bribed them with sandwiches) we have struck a bargain that will reshape the very surface of Heckfire as you know it. They have begun their ancient ritual at the edge of every city in Heckfire, and soon their mysterious works will begin!

    Introducing Realm Maturity!

    As the denizens of a realm grow, their needs change and priorities shift. To reflect this, we are introducing a way for the realm to grow with you. To prove your worthiness to the elder ones, you must accomplish a series of mighty deeds! These massive objectives can only be completed by working together with your entire realm, and all denizens of the realm will share in the spoils. Not only does each completed objective provide a realm wide reward to those present, but when they are all accomplished, the ritual of the elder ones will be complete and your realm will be transformed, spawning mightier monsters, richer resources and even more terrifying titans taking over the center rings and pushing all others further out.

    Realm objectives

    To seek the wisdom of the Elder Ones, head to their temple located at the edge of your town. Within its hallowed halls, you will be able to see what objectives your realm has to accomplish in order to power the ritual of maturity. Similarly to a clan quest, all progress is shared and will remain with the realm even if a player transfers to another realm. Objectives can be completed in any order, and prizes for completed objectives will be provided upon their completion. Each prize will only be distributed once, and can only be collected once, even if you change realms. These are long term goals for a realm, and new realms will take quite some time to accomplish all of them, however all realm maturity progress is retroactive for existing realms, so in many cases your realm may already have completed some or even all of the objectives. Once all of the objectives are complete, your realm will be changed forever!

    Map Changes

    Once the Elder ones have their due, the real magic happens! In a matter of minutes, the realm will be transformed before your very eyes. The centermost rings will begin to spawn level 13-15 monsters and resource nodes, which also means level 5 titans. Along with this, the surrounding rings will see an increase in the level of nodes, rippling out all the way to edges of the map and substantially increasing the territorial options for many clans. Existing nodes will despawn and respawn to fit this updated realm layout. The seas MAY boil and the sky may catch fire. This is normal, and should subside relatively quickly. We recommend sunscreen.


    Q.All the challenges on my realm are complete, when will the change happen?

    A. As soon as the objectives are complete, the process will begin! It only takes a few minutes to complete so you should see the updated spawns soon.

    Q. There are no level 13+ spawns on my realm and monster mash is gone! What gives?

    A. Monster mash was a preview of these monsters, but from here on out only realms that have accomplished all of their objectives and achieved realm maturity will see those higher level spawns.

    Q. If I switch to a different realm, does my progress follow me?

    A. Nope, all progress towards realm maturity is applied directly to the realm

    Q. Is there a leaderboard for the most realm objectives completed?

    A. Not at this time, but who knows what the future may hold.

    Q. If I move from a mature realm to a non mature realm, would I be able to earn the reward for helping to complete objectives?

    A. Much like completing a clan quest, you can only collect a given reward once. You’ll still be helping that realm reach maturity though, and that can benefit all sorts of people, and if you missed a reward you can always go to another realm to help them accomplish the objective to earn it there.

    Q. Our realm has been around for a long time, will we likely need to do any objectives to gain access to realm maturity?

    A. Probably not! Because all progress is retroactive, many realms will either have already passed the necessary goals and many others will be very close. In this case, as soon as the content is deployed you should start seeing the impact of the update.

    Q. What happens if I'm gathering a resource/jewel node or sending a march when the realm flips over?

    A. If you happen to have a march out on it's way to a node or while gathering when the realm flips the march will be sent home, so be careful to take note if the last objective is nearing completion so you don't potentially miss out on rewards.

    TLDR You can now help your whole realm gain access to new content and expand high reward areas to better fit a more advanced population by cooperating with your entire realm on large scale quests visible through a new building in your city map.

    We are excited to enter this new phase of Heckfire’s ongoing growth with you all and as ever we are eager to hear your thoughts about this content update.

    Good luck and happy slaying!
    -The Heckfire Team
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