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Some well needed barriers?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhantomBeast, Sep 19, 2018.

  1. PhantomBeast

    PhantomBeast New Citizen

    Aug 31, 2018
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    Some friends of mine started playing this game a couple months ago, really liked it and finally got me to play. I've been on for maybe a month and hate the gameplay. Maybe get this thread some attn so the devs see it. Here are of thoughts for future. So they don't have so many low level inactives hogging the realm space.

    1. Some f****** shields so you can't get zeroed and attacked 8 times while you sleep and lose a crap ton of time and might. I'm 6 mil might atm and everytime I go to sleep I wake up with no troops (can't heal all the dead ones) and no rss (not enough anyway). Make some blocks to where you can't attack anything lower than 15% you might. And you get a 5 hour shield after you get attacked! Getting attacked over and over is so fun.
    2. Teleports, why isn't there a week long cool down after each time you tele??? My clan deals with this every pvp day, we get random spawns of top ten ranked players wiping us out and then teleporting out hours later. Really? Whys it so easy to buy and move across the map.
    3. Titan sniping, for f**** sake if you find the titan and are in a clan, how about only you and YOUR CLANMATES can fight that designated titan. We waste 100s to maybe 1000s of brew just for some random to snipe the last 5%. Same with the gem biomes, right now as I'm typing, nobody in my clan is able to attack and share the gem biomes that we found the titan for, because a random top guild swooped in, sniped the titan, and put 2mil+ defense on each gem biome.
    4. I had this be an issue till they actually added it recently, realm wrath. I'm so F****** glad it's a thing now BUT. Now, they attack you and 10 beginner/medium bases and TELEPORT OUT! Come on, again with the tele cool down, we need it for ******** who do that.
    5. Hiring allies, I'm so tired of the ally switch war. I'm always told "buy better allies", well I would if I could keep them for more than 5 seconds. I'll spend 25k on an ally and not even 30 seconds goes by and I get a refund!? Wtf? I want the ally not some more gold. Have an ally buy cooldown as well. Make it a day, make it half a day, give us some bloody cool downs for s*** in this game!
    6. Here's another teleporting issue. You finally find someone you can attack that's close to your might level and you send out troops to get an error because they left there f****** spot! Why is it so easy, why.
    7. Monster biome lock. I've had this done so many times I just save my brew at this point. You find a monster biome, maybe you need some relics, or rss, OR EXP! And you are one attack away from destroying the biome and getting the rewards and some random comes by and snipes the *** **** biome! So tired of spending brew points and tokens on biomes I can't finish off. Make it so if you hit a biome here's a 30 minutes lock just for you, so no one can take your rewards!

    Yes I get this is a WAR game but it's not going to last if no one can begin and actually enjoy the game for a while. Get this thread some attn so people can actually last in the game. So tired of pay to play players ruling the game because they bought their spot on top and attack 5mil might players to prove their spot.
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  2. Petenstein

    Petenstein New Citizen

    Sep 19, 2018
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    I've been playing this game for just over 3 weeks. I currently have 26 shields all 8 hours and above. There is no lack of shields problem. And bigger people attacking you isn't a problem either. Everyday the top 5 guys in the realm scout me and don't attack me because I stay under my resource cap. The only time I do get attacked is by Sess who doesn't scout and instead just attacks everyone. But even so when you get attacked by someone and lose but dont have any resources to lose your troops just get injured and the attacker ends up losing troops. It's a war game and not farmville, people sniping sucks but you just have to be smart and try to speed up your attacks. It's about strategy
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  3. dlz9345X

    dlz9345X Liked Citizen

    Mar 2, 2018
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    Here are my points and suggestions:
    Inactives are actually removed off the map 😅

    1. I have 220 8 hour shields rn. ATA hands them out like candy. You get 2 everyday if you complete your daily dragon quest, which is what you should do. Getting attacked 8 times is a joke. U shouldn’t be losing many troops and healing is free to a certain point (pretty sure around 50k for lvl 9 hospital). I’ve seen people get attacked 50-100 times in a single hour. A 5 hour shield once u get attacked??? Nope, that’s easily exploitable. Have a second account attack you and u get a free 5 hour shield!

    2. I agree on this one. A week might be too long, but maybe around a day.

    3. Ok Titan sniping is a thing. I just have to say deal with it. Coordinate a strategy to get the final hit. When you say you cannot attack something with 2 million defense, then I have no idea what you’ve been doing for a month... Our clan can easily claim around 2-5 of the gem nodes even though we aren’t even in the top 100 might strengths. You just need coordination for these titans.

    4. Realm wrath has like always been a thing... Just wish it scaled more steeply (like above th is 20 mins, but 5 th is 30 mins, etc.)

    5. Ally cooldowns would be a pretty bad idea. You cannot expect to hire a 25k ally and hold it for even a few seconds. You just have to be more creative. Don’t always look into the recruitment boards to hire, look for people in clans and hire them manually so they aren’t hired away so quickly. Flipping allies is for gold and keeping them requires strategy.

    6. A teleport IS 5k gems. Seems a waste to me for them to teleport away (Plus u can track them and attack them in their new spot later) Shielding is much more effective.

    7. Uh no... I don’t think you need biome lock. No one really snipes monsters. Either way, you do have at least 2 marches right? It takes at most around 2 minutes to destroy a monster.

    You are totally right in some aspects of the game. Getting zeroed is a pain. But I don’t understand people who lose like 2000 militia and complain about it. I killed over 50k of my militia in ffa. Toughen up, ull lose them, but you’ll get them back. I didn’t kill any other people’s troops in this process.

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