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Event The Ring of Fire

Discussion in 'Events' started by [ATA]Todd, Mar 11, 2020.

  1. [ATA]Todd

    Staff Member A Thinking Ape

    Aug 28, 2017
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    Join us for the upcoming The Ring of Fire (Meta) and Burt to a Crisp (Premium) events! March 12th - April 2nd

    The beacons are lit and the party is turnt! Summon your speediest eagle and fly, you fools, to Kingdoms of Heckfire! A mishap involving an explosively hot pepper has befallen poor Todd, and a questing party must be formed to save him (and maybe snag a rare dragon on the way)! But can the fellowship get him to Mount Lavaclog in time? And who is the sinister janitorial figure plotting to bring them to a crispy end? Get ready for the one quest to rule them all, with new gifts and rewards fit for a king (once he's finally returned)!

    Turn up the heat on your competition to earn “Smolder Tokens” from Solo and Clan quests, as well as from the special “Smolder Chest” in the store (which can be opened with “Smolder Key”). Collect “Smolder Tokens” to earn progress in the main events and win rewards!

    Keep an eye on the upcoming quest tab to get the latest scoop on which quests to expect during the event. Event quests are available to players of Townhall 7 and higher.

    If your town isn’t big enough to hold this much adventure, be sure to level yourself up so you don’t miss out on all the precious goodies!


    “A day may come when the stupidity of Todd ends, when his friends stop making fun of him and his stupid face, but it is not this day.” -J.R.R. Fauxlkien

    In addition to our main event, check out “Burt to a Crisp”, our special optional premium quest by purchasing a “Smolder invite” from the store.

    This premium event provides additional rewards for the “Smolder Token” you collect and includes exclusive CHALLENGE REWARDS so you can show off your mighty deeds. Your chance at glory awaits, so grab yours right away!


    Leagues are back and better than ever! Updated version of leagues will be running throughout the event, made even better by our updated quest UI!

    Monster slaying community event! Put meat back on the menu by killing monsters and titans (Including raid monsters) in the realm to earn the community reward. The challenge will be active from Monday, March 16th @ 2:00PM until March 23rd @ 2:00PM (PST). Bonus active from March 24th @ 2:00PM (PST) until March 27th @ 2:00PM (PST). This round of bonuses will be for Relics and Chow!


    Clan Slaughter will be active for all realms (on event days with Free for All)

    This event will follow the same wrap-up structure as the previous event:

    - The meta event will run 1 hour longer than usual until April 2nd, 3:00PM (PT), and A Tax on Titan will run for 24 hours (instead of 23 hours)

    - Event In-App Purchases will run on the last day of the event and expire at 2:00PM (PT), leaving 1 hour of downtime

    New Themed Chat Bubbles!

    Premium chat bubble:


    Usable with:

    • Cedric the White

    • Five-Alarm Goblin

    • Elven Huntress

    • Pugrider of Pugrohan

    • Toddo Baggins

    Themed chat bubble:


    Usable with:

    • Sorcerous Steward

    • Wicked Warden

    • Warped Watcher

    • Corrupt Custodian

    • Cursed Cleaner
    Good luck and happy slaying!

    - The Heckfire Team
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  2. DjGoldRock

    DjGoldRock Citizen

    Sep 6, 2019
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    Yes! I know players will and yes I do with a lot of things(mostly packs not being good value) BUT! These challenges are worth it! If not for them? I would of left the game already. Even el cheapie players should pony up the $10 for the paid event! Well worth it! And actually I know quite a few players who don’t spend money in this game except on the paid challenge again well worth it there is value in that easily ! 😀👍🏻😎😉😆 Jrock! Aka GoldRock! Formerly RockuSilly haha
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  3. PetitPipou

    PetitPipou New Citizen

    Mar 25, 2020
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    Personally, I passed TownHall7 and I can't receive any token (league or event) while completing solo events. Is it a bug or do I miss something

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