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This event is rubbish

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Grace5, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. Grace5

    Grace5 New Citizen

    Mar 3, 2018
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    Why do you have an event where you pick what you want to play and you don't unlock your picked event which is supply stockpile. Not enjoying the game anymore.
  2. DJ_GoldRock

    DJ_GoldRock Citizen

    Sep 6, 2019
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    Oh you mean you have to pay to unlock? Yeah complete garbage from a greedy garbage company! I was so excited to see one of the best packs(even better then some $99 packs on value for what u get) Put out a few days ago! Been waiting for another pack like the Olga pack! But I got to thinking, I’ll buy 3-5 packs =$15-$25 but what’s the point?! In order to compete with the big boys in my realm...I would prob need to drop at least $500 prob more! Ain’t happening! Now I’ll be honest.. I enjoy the game, so I don’t mind spending..& if they would not of done that greedy update I probably would spend that but I refuse to give a company money when they blatantly change the whole game and it is all about money now! So this game for me and even the top players in my clan(around 250m might) is nothing but Farmville 2.0 with raids and challenges that pay peanuts and breadcrumbs for prizes! So I walk away! I started one week before that crappy update... now during that week I got all way up to 27,000 K in gems in only a couple of days! just from doing challenges and raids! That’s why I stayed playing! But now? You are lucky to win 1K-2k in gems every day or so Smh! And again I’ll spend but not here! And I get so mad at my clan when they get all excited about raids and everything and I’m thinking you’re putting more effort into it than what you’re getting back but a lot of these players in my clan? Well they never played other games like this(MMO games) so they don’t know what is good and not good! I’ve played so many of these games, I know what value is in the packs you buy and what you get in rewards.. this game has neither not anymore! Look elsewhere! I will say something positive lol I’m in a good realm! You don’t have to stay shielded 24/7! Very few attacks unless durning a ffa event! Now if this was like most of the realms I hear about...Non stop zeroing?! Most of my clan would of had to quit a long time ago! They would not of had a choice LOL So that’s the only reason i’ve stayed around! Hell the top 20 players could wipe out my clan in a blink! We are only the 11th biggest and far from even the top 10 lol

    This has been a JRock review(RockuSilly)

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