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Sep 5, 2019 at 11:46 PM
Aug 28, 2017
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A Thinking Ape, from ATA

A Thinking Ape
[ATA]Grant was last seen:
Sep 5, 2019
    1. igorek
    2. ARCHER00
      Kreede the leader of Dansk clan (DK0) in realm 27 abused me in mail. Please do something.
    3. Jelloshots
      Hi ATA, thanks for the game itโ€™s great & lots of fun. How do I report dodgy to ATA? A player may have taken things a little too far in their self naming eh๐Ÿ˜’
    4. KillerDestroyer
      I want to transfer to the realm where my friend is at. Her name:Muzikk Her Clan:L1S
      Pls thanks ๐Ÿ˜Œ
      1. DeViLs_iLLeST
        Submit a help ticket in game they will transfer you if you meet the requirements for that realm. Be patient support is kinda busy so it make take a day or so
        May 22, 2018
    5. Hermione
      Lol, your name...
    6. assasain_creed
      I've put in many tickets why aren't they answering any questions
      1. DrPoopedMyPants and Deezaster like this.
      2. Deezaster
        I have yet gotten a response as well it has to do with a bug where former members still have access to our clan chat even after they left
        May 8, 2018
        assasain_creed likes this.
    7. ThePlumber
      I put in a ticket on Friday and haven't heard anything back. Can you please check it
      1. DrPoopedMyPants likes this.
    8. MelaniaTrump
      May I please be transferred so I can play in the same place as my boyfriend? His game name is... PresDonaldTrump Clan is ANS Thank you.
    9. DevilWoman24
      Absolutely love your profile picture!
    10. Whathell
      Sorry to see ATA has a game that support bullying and extortion the players. There are high level players and clans taking payment to attack and not to attack . It has become more comin now that you took realms that was looking players . Now you may know why they quit your game.hope you do not just set on your wallets and lot it keep going and wreck a good game.
    11. ZirenTheBold
      Is changing a clans name an option? I may want to change mine.
    12. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      Ata can u just un ban me please?
    13. Phil1623
      I get silenced for a censored text yet you play both gsmes
    14. Redhots
      How do I get to the game discord server?
    15. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      Can you give me the money I spent on the game I didn't even use everything I bought.
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      2. RubberxDucky
        Once again, as stated on the Terms of Use..,

        "For example, Virtual Currency and Site Items will be lost, deleted from your Account, or forfeited when/if your Account is terminated, suspended or closed for any reason or when A Thinking Ape Entertainment Ltd discontinues any or all of the Websites or Services, including without limitation any Services provided or offered through Third Party Platforms."
        Feb 19, 2018
      3. RubberxDucky
        When you bought the items, You agreed to that.
        Feb 19, 2018
      4. assasain_creed
        Just go to Google play or iTunes or visa or master card and ask them to return your monies its pretty simple
        May 7, 2018
    16. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      Can you send me the money I spent on the game I didn't even use everything I bought.
    17. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      Can you re embers me with the money I spent on the game?
    18. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      Can you re embers me with the money I spent on the game?
    19. Sinister
      During the boneyard event I'm not receiving points or star on the boneyard part I have screen shots with the timer running but no points this is during both event thus far and my in game feedback won't let me contact you through it ,I type out this problem go to send it it NVR let's me please advise (calsmomisaho (heckfire)Thx for your help...I'm not getting any stars or thus far
      1. Hermione
        It is possible that you're not gathering the right level boneyards. Check the event description again and see what level it says you can collect. 1+ means you can collect from levels 1, 2 and 3
        Feb 10, 2018
      2. Hermione
        2+ means you can collect from levels 2 and 3, but not 1.
        3 means you can only collect from level 3, not 1 or 2.

        Kill level 1-3 event monsters for lvl 1 boneyards
        Kill level 4-6 event monsters for lvl 2 boneyards
        Kill level 7-9 event monsters for lvl 3 boneyards.

        The monsters have to be the correct biomes to spawn the boneyards too.
        Feb 10, 2018
    20. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      I was banned from the game and I still want to play so if you could unban me and just permanently mute me that would be great.
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