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Sep 5, 2019 at 11:46 PM
Aug 28, 2017
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A Thinking Ape, from ATA

A Thinking Ape
[ATA]Grant was last seen:
Sep 5, 2019
    1. Rick_Sanchez_C137
      Hey Grant my account was permanently banned from game and it won't even let me start the app. I'm kinda mad because I spent money on the game and I can't start the game and see why I was banned.
    2. REDStabiSweety
      im trying to contact support in game but for the last month everytime i hit the send button it just tells me "oops something went wrong." i just want to be able to submit a name change...
    3. Spy
      Hi Grant I would like to change my user name plz...I just want it to be Spy
      1. Fear
        Make a support ticket in-game. You can do so by opening the following...

        Menu -> extras -> help -> new chat.
        Jan 17, 2018
    4. mrbrownstone
      Hello I'm trying to switch realms where my friend is .I'm having trouble navigating the help forum .My friends name is calsmomisaho I think it's in realm 17.Could you please help .ty :)
      1. Fear
        Jan 17, 2018
    5. Lx97Na5
      Hi, I’ve been trying to get ahold of someone for days now... no one will reply to me.
    6. Phreak
      I was wondering if I can get back to the real I was in under Solurex and get back the control of my clan KarnEvil? You can speak to headmetal for info
    7. Abzz_inactive_20180519013947
      Hey I cannot get logged into my account, my name was aby333, n was in rth clan. Can I get my account back please. Ty
    8. Gcghcfh_inactive_20180519015742
      I can't go back on my other account I got a new device . I messaged in help chat but they didn't respond. Its gingerjokes started playing not a full month ago . I worked hard for NY other account and I don't want to loose it please could you help me. I have no email for it aswell or aka id 😖😔
      1. Splashba likes this.
      2. MadGorilla
        Lol hey gingerjokes
        Dec 29, 2017
    9. Psycho_Troll
      I would like to be able to move realm or log back into my account that's tied to kaw
    10. Rain
      Grant!!! Hey
    11. TheRuins
      Hey Grant! I Just Wanted You To Know
      That I Have A Brother Named Grant!
      1. [ATA]Grant likes this.
      2. [ATA]Grant
        Nice! There are not nearly enough Grants out there.
        Dec 15, 2017
        Rick_Sanchez_C137 likes this.
    12. BackupBabyDr1ver
      I requested on pimd for help to get the items and it had said you put up a form telling us what to do in announcement tab on heckfire forms but I can't find it help!
      1. RenepogeI likes this.
    13. Badbody
      How can i get item in pimd
      1. Maya1706_inactive_20180519043338
        I have the same question.
        Dec 1, 2017
    14. RedneckMamaTo4
      How do you switch realms?
      1. Fear
        Message the devs in-game requesting a realm change. As they have stated before, they go through realm change requests every few days.

        To message the devs in-game open the following...

        Nov 30, 2017
    15. Dystopian
      Does this game have a discord?
    16. Offshoreripper
      Hey trying to cancel my account so I can start in new realm anyway you can help ?
    17. VideoGameDesease
      You aren't going to retain too many ppl here,I've played CoC n GoW and your research n building times are far greater than in those apps.
      Also the costs for your bundles are over priced for what you recieve,as a KAW player I figured I'd try this,but so far I'm not really impressed,and your wc should be monitored
    18. Hermione
      I should totally make my avatar something other than what I use for discord, lol
      1. [ATA]Grant likes this.
      2. [ATA]Grant
        I vote sharks!
        Sep 15, 2017
        Angel_shark and Hermione like this.
    19. RubberxDucky
      Not only that but custom avatars😁
    20. Hermione
      Haha, now we have walls and private messages, wooh!!!
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