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Introducing...Dragon Booty! 🐉🍑

Discussion in 'Guides - FaQs' started by [ATA]Todd, Jul 5, 2021.

  1. [ATA]Todd

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    Aug 28, 2017
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    Greeting Citizens of Heckfire!

    We heard you and we are excited to announce Heckfire’s newest feature Dragon Booty! Dragon Booty allows players to customize and boost their dragons. Looking for that summer makeover? Well, here it is!

    *** Don't forget to UPDATE your game to enjoy this feature! ***

    Brief Summary

    Dragon Booty enhances biome-specific PvE and PvP attacks, and more! Each dragon has space for 6 slot-specific pieces of Dragon Booty. Currently all Dragon Booty stat bonuses are active ones, meaning that the dragon must be in the march for the bonuses to take effect. Dragon Booty is upgradable with ore, and you can sell unwanted pieces for ore. There are no time-costs for upgrading it! #SpeedupsWho? #NeverBeforeSeen

    The system is available starting at Townhall 3, and will be valuable to varying levels of players. All are welcome. We hope this feature encourages curiosity and tinkering to customize dragons for every and any spicy situation!

    Where to find Dragon Booty?
    • Slay realm monsters for a chance to earn a Dragon Booty - including event monsters such as:

    • Preston Titans, Treasure Titans, and Titan Minions as well as Overlords!

    • Complete raids for Booty galore (Raid Chests)

    • Booty items are also available in the Dragon Booty Boutique section of the shop and can be purchased with Jewels or found in the new Booty Chests which can be opened with Special Booty keys (Available in select IAP bundles).

    What do potential Dragon Booty rewards look like?
    • In the cases where a range of tiers of Booty can drop (from a monster or chest), tiers are displayed so players have an idea of what to expect

    • The rarity options are displayed in the Store
      • As a general rule, more challenging content drops higher rarity pieces of Dragon Booty

    Pieces and Slots? How do they work?
    • There are 6 slots of Dragon Booty
      • Pieces can only fit in their designated slot

      • Some slots can have different attributes than other slots
        • Slots on the left side can have a wide variety of main stats

        • Slots on the right side either have Hunter Tactics (a bonus to monster attack) or March Speed Bonus March

        • The jewel-type slots (necklet, bangle) have sub stats that can allow you to gain more resources, among other sub stats

        • The noise-type slots (lyre, horn) have sub stats more primarily focused around combat

        • The remaining slots (oil lamp, scepter) have a wide variety of sub stats

    How do Sets work?

    There are currently twelve unique sets of Dragon Booty that your dragons can equip (indicated by a gem icon), each with their own special bonuses and perks. Some sets only require two items to gain their bonus, while others can require up to four. It's up to you how you want to equip your Dragons to maximize those bonuses and make your Dragon stand out from the pack!


    Set Bonuses

    Verdant - Grassland Destroyer - Increases Grassland PvP attack
    Terran - Grassland Guardian - Increases Grassland PvP defense

    Skullbane - Badlands Destroyer - Increases Badlands PvP attack
    Desolate - Badlands Guardian - Increases Badlands PvP defense

    Primordial - Swamp Destroyer - Increases Swamp PvP attack
    Mire - Swamp Guardian - Increases Swamp PvP defense

    Unholy - Curse Power - Increases Curse Power
    Divine - Curse Resistance - Increases Curse Resistance

    Seismic - Earth Power - Increases Earth Power
    Rockhead - Earth Resistance - Increases Earth Resistance

    Onslaught - Normal Tactics - Increases Tactics
    Resolute - Tactics Protector - Increases Tactics when defending

    How to make your Dragon Booty stronger?
    • Dragon Booty has 3 main factors that make it more powerful
    • Tier, or “Star Level” is fixed and determines the stat values, the upgrade cost, the removal cost, and part of the sell value
      • There are 6 tiers, although only 5 will be released upon launch
    • Rarity is also fixed and determines the starting number of sub stats on a piece of booty
      • There are 5 levels of rarity
        • Basic, common, uncommon, rare, epic

        • Each level has a coloured border to show rarity
      • Basic rarity starts with 0 sub stats, and each higher level of rarity starts with 1 more sub stat than the previous (I.E. epic starts with 4)
    • Level is changeable and determines the main stat value amount along the designated tier curve. It also either upgrades an existing sub stat or adds a new sub stat at levels 4, 8, 12, and 16. Finally, there’s a big main stat boost at level 20.
    How to upgrade your Dragon Booty Level?

    In order to upgrade your booty, all you need is ore and a bit of luck. Spending ore will give you a chance to instantly upgrade your Booty items. Low level upgrades have a very high chance of success. Chances of success become lower the higher the level of the Booty. While the level might not go up, it will never go down. So don’t worry, your booty is fine!

    What are Main and Sub Stats?

    Each piece of Booty will have a “Main Stat” and “Sub Stats”

    Main Stat
    • The main stat upgrades each level over 20 levels, with a huge boost going from level 19-20

    • Main stats available in each slot will vary
    • The value of the main stat is affected by the level + tier
    Sub Stats
    • Sub stats are added to the gear when it is found, and may also be added at level 4, 8, 12, and 16

    • A piece of gear can have a maximum of 4 unique sub stats
      • Dragon Booty can upgrade existing sub stats so long as there are still enough rolls left to add new sub stats later so it ends with 4 unique sub stats (I.E. - If a piece of Booty starts with 2 sub stats, and there are 4 rolls (lv 4, 8, 12, 16), the first 2 rolls will go into the existing sub stats and the last 2 rolls will be new ones.

      • Tl;dr, Booty is designed to upgrade the initial stats before adding new stats so that the booty values can be determined early on

    We’re introducing a new element - Earth!
    • Earth works just like Curse, there’s an Earth Power and an Earth Resistance

    • Earth power works unmitigated against anything that does not have Earth Resistance

    • Any dragon can have elements on their Dragon Booty and gain benefits from them, which can be seen in the battle report.
    • Icons for elements in the march preview screen will only show for dragons with a native element
      • I.E. Captain Sparkles wearing Earth Element Booty would only show a Curse Icon in the march preview screen

      • And Ruby wearing both Earth and Curse elements wouldn’t show any icons in the march preview screen
    ***We are pleased to announce that Badging for Booty notifications, similar to other dragon notifications, can be turned on or off for your peace of mind.

    Happy Slaying,

    The Heckfire Team

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    May 27, 2021
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  3. BeastieBoi

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    Feb 5, 2021
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    Not seeing a free booty chest.
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  4. BeastieBoi

    BeastieBoi New Citizen

    Feb 5, 2021
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    Y’all keep sexualizing my game, y’all gonna catch a case… 😂😂🍑🍑
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  5. StarliteLumi

    StarliteLumi New Citizen

    Apr 29, 2020
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    Wow. Diablo items come to Heckfire dragons.

    Remember how broken item drops were in the early days of Diablo III?

  6. I3uffy

    I3uffy New Citizen

    Sep 4, 2020
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  7. ProfessorDaddy

    ProfessorDaddy Liked Citizen

    Nov 29, 2017
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    Didn’t think this was anything special when it came out, but upon further consideration, it actually makes a lot of sense on a number of levels.

    Solid update.

    Edit: Please allow for the merging of lower tier maxed items to be combined with identical maxed items to increase the rarity.
  8. DJ_GoldRock

    DJ_GoldRock Citizen

    Sep 6, 2019
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    Why? ! The gear is awesome! Why? Really? You’re one of those! Who just likes to whine or be negative! This gear/booty should of come out over a year ago! every war game and I mean every war game has some form of gear that you add to your commanders to make them stronger! Hmmm again why? really? idiot!
  9. IceChillin

    IceChillin Citizen

    Dec 1, 2017
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    So to sum it up…

    •Biome Destroyer bonuses= PvP bonuses
    •Biome Guardians bonuses= PvP bonus for wall/node drags
    •Hunter Bonuses= PvE bonuses, but not raid monsters.
    •Protector Bonuses= Wall/Node bonuses
    •Tactics Bonus/Earth/Curse power= Bonus for PvE and PvP
    •Earth/Curse Resistance= Protection against Earth/Curse Power bonuses
    •Realm Miner= Decreases time for gold collecting
    •Realm Prospector= Decreases time for ore collecting
    •Realm Wrangler= Decreases time for food collecting
    •Raid Boss bonus= Bonus to raid bosses
    •Raid Minion and Titan bonuses= Bonus to raid minions and titans
    •March speed bonus= bonus to march speed

    correct me wherever please. Trying to understand booty a bit more cause it’s not really explained in detail.
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  10. Nopeno1home

    Nopeno1home New Citizen

    Mar 24, 2021
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    What about increasing chances of titan, if it's not already one I think it should be.
  11. HHabilis

    HHabilis New Citizen

    Nov 26, 2019
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    Now, which booty helps Lava dragons?
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